Asphalt Contractor

Are you planning to get the driveway asphalted? It is important to delegate the work to a good quality contractor since shoddy work can lead to stagnation of water and cause damage to the foundation. For more details, you can visit offer services like pothole repair, trench work and asphalting. Recent articles in highlight the importance of choosing the right asphalt service provider for your home or business.

What are the factors to consider before you hire a contractor? Take a look at these points.

Do Your Homework
When you venture into something new, the first thing that should cross your mind is conducting the background check. Always hire a reputed and well-established company that has been in the market for a long time. Ask recommendations from close friends, as it is the best you can do to ensure that your house is in safe hands.

When you approach the contractor, ask if they have necessary licenses to make them eligible for work. List a minimum of three to four companies and compare the pricing, quality of work and reliability factors. If you have time, you can personally visit the company and ask for their sample work.

Be Cautious Of ‘Secret’ Deals
You might come across a contractor who will talk about how they implement cutting-edge techniques in their work. If you hear them talk about employing a different way of doing the asphalt work, turn a deaf ear to these words. The truth is every contractor similarly does the work, and there is no ‘different’ or unique way of asphalting your driveway or doing the blacktop.

The process of asphalting requires expensive tools. If the price is extraordinarily high or low, you have to indulge in a bit of investigation.

Standards Of Asphalting
When you get your road asphalted, you can expect the contractor to apply a fresh coat of asphalt on top, or redo them completely. Note that 2 inches of asphalt must be applied and it is better to buy a commercially used asphalt rather than a residential grade. They appear rough, but they are durable.

If the builder suggests redoing the driveway, they should first apply a gravel base and coat it with a thick layer of asphalt. The base differs according to the factors like condition of the area being asphalted and drainage system.

Clear Your Doubts
As consumers, you should clear your doubts with the contractor. Ask them about the pricing, quality of material, and any other query you are unclear about. If your contractor is hesitant to provide details or they are unapproachable, you must continue your search.

Any established asphalt service provider will assess the condition of the property and suggest the right type of asphalt. This means they will not come over and pour a layer of gravel over the potholed road and charge you for the work.

Equipment Used
Look at the asphalting equipment used by the company. If the machines are prone to break-down or they are poorly maintained, it can affect the completion of the work. Since asphalt dries fast, waiting for a long time can cause an uneven appearance after completion of work.
Do not hire anyone who says that they can asphalt by hand using the same quality of a paving machine.