Chimineas are an excellent decorative element and outdoor fireplace which can be placed outdoors in your patio or backyard. You can use a chiminea as a portable fireplace where you can enjoy the heat that it offers during the winter season. These chimineas look charming and it gives a rustic feel to your house thereby enhances the outdoor ambiance of your home. There are several handmade terracotta chimineas available in the market. Godu Mexicaanse tuinhaard is known for its functional fire features. There are certain things that you should be aware of when placing a chiminea. Read more for additional information on using a chiminea in your house.
The article below talks about the various things that you should be aware of when purchasing and installing a chiminea in your house.

Chiminea is a type of fire table which resembles a big pot, and it is used for several centuries. During the 16th century, people in the villages of Mexico started to cook in elevated vessels. During winter the village people started to gather near the cooking vessel for the warmth. A traditional Chiminea is made up of clay, and it just looks like a vase with a wide bottom. A vertical chimney would direct the smoke, and an opening on its side is used as the fire pit. The working principle of chimineas is similar to that of the traditional potbelly stove. This fireplace can be used even when it rains as it is designed such that the rainwater cannot extinguish the fire. Wood like cedar, pinon and other aromatic woods are used for burning with chiminea. It is also possible to control the fire inside the fire pit.

Buying A Chiminea
Before purchasing a chiminea for your house, you have to perform clear research on various factors related to it. There are chances that you might get attracted with the decorated and painted chiminea available in the local stores.
· You have to decide on the exact location where you wish to place your chiminea.
· You have to decide on the shape and style of the chiminea based on your taste. The style and shape of the chiminea should be based on the size of the patio or backyard.
· You also should make detailed research on the material of the chiminea with which it is made up of. When you wish to offer a traditional touch to your house, you can go for clay or terracotta chiminea. Some people prefer a modern look, and they can buy steel, cast iron or copper chimineas.
· Check for the local ordinances and laws in your area as open fire is banned in some of the cities.

It is essential that you take proper care of Chimineas. You must be careful when using the Chimneas made up of clay or terracotta as they might be heavy and is breakable. You must apply acrylic finish on the newly purchased chimineas and continue the same for every six weeks. This would help in strengthening the clay and softens it.
Chiminea is an attractive fireplace that can be placed anywhere based on your choice. Do not invest in a hurry on seeing the chimineas available in the stores but instead, take your own time and purchase the best.