things to know before buying a home

Are you ready to plunge into the property market, it is exciting as well as stressful apart from being expensive? Be it for a first-timer or an old hand; the process is similar. It pays to be prepared become familiar with certain aspects of property buying as unlike buying other things buying a home is not a cake walk. From budgeting to finding the right builders like, these are significant decisions that will affect your finance.

There are many resources like which provides location based best properties, but before that here are a few points you need to know before signing that home contract

Use the services of a trustworthy realtor
Though many people think that hiring a realtor ups the budget and the overall cost hiring one can be beneficial provided the Realtors works in your interest and helps to negotiate the price and also with inspecting the house.

Buy a house thinking about the future
While the purchase of a house, people make the mistake of buying a house based on today’s life. Though it is a huge commitment regarding finance, you should consider a few things before a home purchase. Consider all your long-term goals concerning your personal as well as professional life. Marriage, the family, change in job locations all need to be considered as they are all the main life changing situations. Look at the realty market, your assets, your financial commitments, mortgage, etc. to decide if you want to continue looking for a house or pause it till you can stabilize a few things in your life, if not all.

Home that you can afford
There are many mortgage calculators which can help you come up with numbers that you can manage to buy a house based on your annual income. Most mortgage companies offer loan of 3 times your annual earnings or 2.5 times your joint income in case you are buying it with your partner. Though your finance may look good, the markets are volatile so consider your job guarantee, as well as family considerations, etc. to decide on a budget of your home. Financial experts say that the mortgage should not go beyond 30 percent of your income. A less expensive house means less mortgage and more disposable income, consult your mortgage broker as well as your financial consultant to understand all the ramifications of an expensive home and mortgage.

Add all the costs
When you budget for a house, you should be considering all the costs involved in the home. It includes furnishing the house, insurance, maintenance fees, taxes, moves in cost, etc. All these add up to form a considerable amount of money. Apart from this, if you are looking at renovating some parts of your new home that could cost quite a lot of money. Each type of house comes with a different set of maintenance fees, buying a condo will mean paying for the amenities like gym, swimming pools, etc. Buying a townhouse would mean renovation costs. So, it is best to ask all the relevant questions before buying that new home.